Has the world gone mad?

by Nathan Jones

If you are asking this question, then you are most likely a devout follower of Jesus Christ who is alarmed at the state the world now seems to be in.

This question may have been invoked by an election season that has left you flabbergasted over so many people turning a blind eye to the lack of the candidates’ biblical values. Or, maybe your church has dived off the deep end doctrinally and you’re wondering when a sermon will finally quote a Bible verse. You see societies openly welcome Islamic subjugation of their nations. Maybe you’re tired of hearing about people being thrown into jail overseas or sued in the U.S. for simply praying in the name of Jesus in public. The Christian evangelical movement seems to you fractured and in disarray for want of central leadership with a strong biblical worldview. And finally, you ponder if you are a dying breed in a world that has become increasingly cold and more hostile towards one’s fellow man.

It is indeed a world gone mad. You know it. And, you wonder…

What can I do to change the world?

Well, according to Bible prophecy — very little. This may sound defeatist, but the Bible clearly indicates that in the last days before Jesus’ return a number of paradigm shifts will occur to remove the biblical worldview from the overall culture. These shifts are:

  1. Mankind — Love for one’s family and fellow man will grow cold, replaced by a love only for oneself (Matt. 24:12, 2 Tim. 3:1-4).
  2. The Church — In the last days the Church will primarily be defined by its apathy and falling away from sound doctrine (Rev. 3:15-18, 2 Tim. 4:3-4).
  3. Society — Society will devolve morally back to the days of Noah (Luke 17:26; 2 Pet. 2:5).

Though these tragic signs of the time point to the very soon return of Jesus Christ, we still don’t know if that day will come in months or even years. In the meantime, we have to live on, continuing to be lights in the world (Matt. 5:13). We have to fight for what’s biblical, moral, and God-honoring until Jesus Himself victoriously sets up his earthly kingdom of peace and righteousness.

And so, in the time we have left, we must dutifully follow the Christian’s calling by attempting to reclaim a Christian culture by bringing about the next spiritual revival in our world.


What would it take to reach the vision of a revived world reclaimed by Christian culture — a culture of worship of Jesus Christ alone, where the Bible is the foundation of morality and law, and where mankind loves others more than themselves?

Here’s the strategy:

1) Start With You

  1. Commit to Christ
    True revival begins by the Holy Spirit working in the human heart. Is Jesus Christ your Savior? Is He Lord of every area of your life, controlling the thoughts and intents of your heart? If not, get right with Jesus first by asking for forgiveness and a renewed relationship with Him.
  2. Be the Example
    The world is going to be looking at how you live your life as an example of the genuineness of the message you’re proclaiming. If it sees hypocrisy, your message will be ignored. Are you living a life moment by moment that Jesus would approve? Are you loving others more than yourself? Strive towards becoming Christ-like.
  3. Share Christ
    A Christian culture cannot exist if people don’t know who Jesus Christ is — the Son of God and Savior of our souls. Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ can be scary, but scarier still are people going to Hell while we sit on the sidelines and watch. Have you shared your faith in Christ with someone this week? This is the point where most people give up and because of their fear let the culture slip away. Use your God-given spirit of power, love and self-discipline (2 Tim. 1:7).

2) Secure Your Family For Christ

  1. Invite Jesus to be a Family Member
    A family where Jesus isn’t a member of the family is missing its most important member. Do you invite Him in for family prayer every day? Does your family study His Word — the Bible — together at least once a week? A family where Jesus is palpably present lays a rock-solid foundation that will influence one’s children long after they’ve left home.
  2. Get Right With Your Spouse
    Most of the evils in society today — fear of commitment, perpetually broken relationships, loneliness, sexual promiscuity, drugs and suicide — are rooted in Dad and Mom’s marriage. Christian parents must stop the divorce! They must put each other’s needs first before their own. They must reconcile and forgive. Are you and your spouse setting the pattern of a Christian marriage for your children? Today is the day to begin healing that relationship. Society will not heal unless the family heals first.
  3. Throw Out the Trash
    “Garbage in, garbage out” is a true old saying. Is your house filled with music with lewd and violent lyrics? Are pornographic materials entering the house? Is the computer properly safeguarded? What shows does your family watch? If any of these and materials like them are in your home, they are a cancer, rotting out your family’s morality and unity. Dispose of them permanently!

3) Revitalize the Local Church

  1. Know Your Bible
    You won’t know if the messages from the pulpit are doctrinally sound if you don’t know what the Bible teaches. Do you read and pray on the Word daily? Do you engage in Bible study materials? Equipping yourself in the “full armor of God” will help you detect heresy.
  2. Go to Church
    If you are not where the true Church — other believers — are, then you are disconnected from Jesus’ primary change-engine in this age. Do you gather with believers in a weekly setting? Do you make sure your family is with you? Whether it’s a large mega-church or a tiny home church, it’s where God wants you to be for Christian fellowship, accountability and worship (Heb. 10:25).
  3. Engage Within
    Keeping the congregation on the doctrinally sound track and revitalizing the Christian culture within your gathering of believers requires engagement within the church. Do you only come to service and then leave? Do you volunteer in a ministry program? Are you engaged in a leadership role? The pastor ultimately leads a congregation, but the pastor should be led by the Holy Spirit and wise counsel from engaged congregants. If you are directly involved in growing a church and encouraging outreach, then you’ve earned the right to have the pastor’s ear and help chart the church’s course in having a passion for Jesus Christ, keeping to doctrinal soundness, equipping believers, and reaching out to those who have yet to meet the Savior.

4) Reclaim the Culture

  1. Take a Stand
    A society that doesn’t know Christ has lost its ability to discern right from wrong. When was the last time you made a public stand for Christ against something that was blatantly evil? Have you voiced your opinion against a TV show, art display, movie, school function, newspaper article, label company, business sponsorship or rights movement that is unbiblical? Have you lovingly and in compassion let an organization know that what they are doing is wrong? One person can make a difference if they speak up and act.
  2. Help Those in Need
    Jesus’ ministry was spent helping those in need, both spiritually and physically, within and without. These actions by Christ gathered the crowds and made him infamous with his enemies, garnering the attention to have His message heard. Are you involved in helping those in need physically as well as spiritually? Do you support outreach ministries with more than just your finances and prayers? Have you earned the right to be heard? Claim that right by being involved in showing Christ’s compassion and love, and you will point lives towards the Cross.
  3. Lead
    Society goes where its leaders’ vision takes it. If you are the one setting the vision of a Christian culture, then assuming a leadership role in society will give you the opportunity to act on that vision. Whether you have the personality of a leader or a follower, are you involved in some way with the decision-making processes of your civic leadership? Do you vote? Do you attend council meetings? Do you run for office? Are you a leader in your career field? Are you equipping your children to hold the vital roles that shape society — teacher, journalist, media, lawyer and politician? Use your God-given resources and talents as a leader who directs society towards the vision of being a Christian culture.

In Summary

You say you want a cultural revolution? It can happen. But, not if Bible-believing Christians remain on the sideline. A culture will not change if we are not actively engaged in it. Nobody is going to do the work for us. Engaging society towards reclaiming its Christian culture is up to each and every one of us who call Christ “Savior.”

While we prayerfully wait upon the Lord to return and set up a perfect society, with the Lord Jesus’ power behind us, we can make a difference for Christ now in individual lives and in the culture at large!

Will you join in the fight to reclaim the culture for Christ?

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