World Population Reaches 7 Billion: Signs of the Days of Noah

by Rob Robinson

Statisticians report that the word has reaches 7 billion souls.  With the massive increase in world population one wonders at the prophetic implications of such a monumental pinnacle. The last time the world population reached 7 billion, it was during the days of Noah. According to Mathematicians, the population of the earth after Adam, grew exponentially due to the life span of man being over 900 years. Using an algebraic calculation, the number of human beings at the time of Noah and the flood, could easily have been 7 billion people.

Jesus said that “As the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be”.

Matthew 24:37 But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

The following is an illustration of how quickly the earth’s population could grow to 7 billion from, Adam to Noah:

If we take a mother and father who have 4 children, who themselves each have 4 children. The average age at marriage being 25. The 4 children that are born, arrive by the age of 35. The average life span being 70 years. A Generation lasting 35 years:

After 5 Generations there would be 96 people from the original family of 4.

After 10 Generations: 3,070

After 15 Generations: 98,300

After 20 Generations: 3, 150,000

After 30 Generations: 3,220,000,000

After 31 Generations: 6.5-7 billion.

Total time: Just 1,050 Years!

The Algebraic calculation that was used to figure this model:

Reference: Dr. Henry Morris

From the time of Adam until Noah,  there was a period of of approximately 2,500 years.  The life span of the people who lived then was more than 900 years

If Each family has just 8 children. A Generation being just 93 years. An average Life span of just 500 years. The Population of the Earth at the death of Adam at 930 years of age, would have been 2,800,000 (2 million 8 hundred thousand!)

If this rate of increase continued in the population, until the time of the flood, the population could have been in excess of 137 billion people!

Taking into consideration Wars, disasters and other catastrophic events, it is not unreasonable to expect the population to reasonably be more than 7 billion people at the time of Noah’s flood.

Jesus used this illustration of the days of Noah, to prophetically point us to a time during the last days in which He would return for His church. Jesus desires that those who love Him and wait for Him, be in constant expectation of His return. He did not tell us the exact day of that return because to do so would cause us to be spiritually lazy until the day grew near.

The point of Jesus illustration in the days of Noah, was to remind us that when we see conditions on the earth beginning to resemble those of Noah’s day, we should expect His return. One of those conditions was the total depravity of man. Every thought and intention of man during Noah’s day, was constantly towards evil.

Genesis 6:5 Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Today, the wickedness and global sin of man has reached a place never before seen on the earth, except during the days of Noah. CBS News made the following report from WHO, the world organization that tracks the suffering of people around the world, documenting the staggering increase of violence and death on the earth:

“One person commits suicide about every 40 seconds, one person is murdered every 60 seconds and one person dies in armed conflict every 100 seconds, the World Health Organization said Thursday. Overall, WHO estimated that 1.6 million people met premature and violent deaths in 2000. The U.N. health agency, in what it described as the most exhaustive international study into the problem, examined the extent of violence in homes and on streets; the abuse of children and the elderly; suicide; and war.

“The figures for violent death tell only part of the story,” report author Etienne Krug said. “Physical, sexual and psychological abuse occur in every country on a daily basis, undermining the health and well-being of many millions of people.” Krug’s team spent three years writing the report, using research from 160 experts in 170 countries.

WHO now hopes to help governments mount national prevention campaigns focusing on young people. The report estimated that 815,000 people killed themselves in 2000 — making suicide the No. 13 cause of death worldwide. People older than 60 were most likely to take their own life. On average, men were three times more likely to kill themselves than women, although in China the rate was about the same for both sexes. About 10 percent of people who attempt suicide eventually kill themselves, it said.

The highest suicide rates were in eastern Europe, while the lowest were in Latin America. But this masked big differences between rural and urban populations and different racial and ethnic groups within countries. Among the Inuit people in northern Canada, for example, there were overall suicide rates of between 60 and 75 per 100,000 people, compared with 15 per 100,000 for the general population, it said.

WHO Director-General Gro Harlem Brundtland said she hoped the report would break taboos surrounding violence in the home and suicides. ”To many people, staying out of harm’s way is a matter of locking doors and windows. To others, escape is not possible. The threat of violence is behind those doors,” Brundtland said. ”And for those living the midst of war and conflict, violence permeates every aspect of life,” she said of the 310,000 people who died in wars.

The report said an estimated 520,000 people were murdered in 2000 — excluding unlawful deaths disguised as accidents or natural causes. For every person who died, 20-40 others were hospitalized with injuries. The death toll included 199,000 people aged 10-29 who were killed by other young people — often because of alcohol and drug abuse or easy access to firearms.

Youth homicides soared in the United States, many Latin American countries and the former Soviet bloc but stabilized or decreased in much of Western Europe and Canada, the report said. In the United States, black youths are 12 times more likely to be murdered than whites.

An estimated 57,000 young children died from abuse — often head injuries or suffocation, with preschoolers most at risk, the report said. Millions more children were the victim of beatings. In South Korea, for example, a recent survey said 67 percent of parents admitted whipping their children to discipline them, and 45 percent reported hitting, kicking or beating them, the report said.

In 48 surveys from around the world, up to 69 percent of women reported being physically or sexually assaulted by an intimate male partner at some point in their lives and as many as 20 percent of women were sexually abused as children, it said. For example, a recent South Africa survey said school teachers were responsible for 32 percent of disclosed child rapes.

WHO also said the abuse of elderly people by relatives and other caregivers was “increasingly being recognized as a serious social problem.” ”It is also a problem that may continue to grow as many countries experience rapidly aging populations,” the report said.”

Are we living in the second “Days of Noah” that Jesus referred to? From the statistics for world violence and sin around the world, it is clear that we are living during some of the most violent in man’s history. If Jesus tarries much longer, there may not be a safe place on the earth. As the population of the earth has reached 7 Billion, and that number 7, being of such great prophetic importance in the Bible, it is certain that the days of the present earth are numbered.

Soon the skies will fill with all those who have been waiting for Jesus and we shall all be gathered before Him in the clouds (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18). He shall take us all back to heaven with Him, as His wrath is poured out on the earth for 7 years.  As His prophetic word is fulfilled during the seven year tribulation, those who wait for Jesus now, will not be here to see that wrath.  We look forward to the return of Jesus and the time when this world will be brought under the righteous oversight of His love and power. Until then, we continue to watch for Him, wait patiently, and tell others that Jesus is coming soon. He is bringing our salvation with Him, and He still offers the forgiveness of sin and eternal life today, to all those who ask.

One thought on “World Population Reaches 7 Billion: Signs of the Days of Noah

  1. On February 25, 1992, I was watching a Broadcast of Reasons to Believe with Astronomer/Physicist Hugh Ross. He was sharing at one point about how it was in the days of Noah. He went on to say that the population at the time of Noah was 6 billion people. The your article will substantiate the figure. He also prophesied that murder and chaos was to increase. Almost one year to the day February 26, 1993, the first World Trade Center attack took place. I remember the news videos of people coming out of the Trade Center saying,” It looked like Chaos.” Six people were killed and more than 1,000 were injured. The World Trade Center itself suffered more than $500 million in damage.
    August 27, 1993, I went to see a Pastor that I knew because the next day August 28, 1993, I was leaving to drive off the nation and claim it for the LORD according to his command based on Joshua 1: 3. I did not have direction as to what direction I was to drive. It was shared with the Pastor that I would take US 85 to US 95 and head south toward Florida. He immediately informed me that the terrorist were indicted for the 1992 bombing and they were threatening more bombings. I knew immediately that I was to run toward the battle
    Instead of heading south, I headed toward New York on August 28, 1993. 14 days and six hours later the assignment was completed on September 11, 1993. I believe that what happened on September 11, 2001 would have happened 1n 1993 if intercession had not taken place in. To GOD Be the GLORY

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